What is the best way to relieve sore muscles? Ice or Heat?
If you work out, you are going to have sore muscles at some point or another, and it is completely normal. It may be your quads, hamstrings, back, biceps, chest, neck, etc. These are very common areas of the body that are prone to becoming sore. These nagging sore spots can lead to an uncomfortable gym session. It might force you to alter your form to alleviate some of the pain, which can lead to a more significant injury. This is why it is important for a lot of people to find the fastest, most...
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What are the advantages of working out with a gym partner or personal trainer?
There are multiple reasons why working out with a gym partner will give you a leg up on your workouts. First of all, when working out with a buddy, it's more fun, you're going to do it more, stick with it longer and in the end, you'll get better results. Of course working out with somebody you know will add a little fun to your workouts. It will take some pressure off of yourself when you are not doing the most fun workouts in the world, like hitting the treadmill or working on your bench...
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