360 Fitness Performance Sports prides itself on the delivery of a world-class fitness experience to individuals of all ages.  A membership at 360 FPS, Inc. will help put you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle which will aid to enhance overall physical and mental well-being.  Members at our facility can partake in numerous activities to service all their fitness wants and needs.  A fresh start with a new membership can change one’s life in so many ways.  We can provide you all the necessary tools to make your transformation happen!

Basic Membership:

Basic membership grants you access to our health club 7 days a week.  Members can partake in cardiovascular activity, weight training, pick-up basketball games, and access to our 50-yard turf field

Full Service:

Full service membership grants you all of the amenities of the Basic Membership with the addition of unlimited group fitness classes.  We offer classes 7 days a week with an outstanding group of spin instructors and personal trainers.  The classes we offer are fit for members of any level of health and wellness.

Family Membership:

A family membership allows families of 3 or more to enjoy the same amenities as our full service members.  This plan allows a group of individuals from one family to work out and take group fitness classes under a specialized group rate. (all family members must be 18 years old and up)

7th & 8th Grade Membership:

This membership option allows our junior high school kids to start their fitness journey in a safe manner. To make sure they are learning proper form and technique they are required to complete 3 personal training sessions with one of our certified personal trainers. During their 3 sessions they will learn proper lifting technique, proper lifting tempo, how to foam roll, how to properly warm up, be made aware of any muscular imbalances that they may have and how to fix them, be briefed on proper gym etiquette, discuss their goals and how to reach them & this is also a time for them to ask any questions they may have of their own.

Child Care:

We offer active child care 7 days a week. This can be added onto any membership option we offer.

All Memberships Include:

  • One 60 minute Assessment with our Assessment Coordinator
  • Facility access 7 days a week
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Referral Program:  Receive a month free for people you refer that sign up for a membership
  • Basketball court and turf field access
  • Discounts for students, civil service members, and senior citizens

Horizon B Fit

  • Horizon Blue Cross members get reimbursed $20/month if they come 12 times a month or more. Go to to see if you are eligible.

For more information, please contact . or call 877-787-0360