Sports Performance Academy

360 Sports Performance Academy is the place for athletes to get an edge over their competition. With years of experience in sports performance training, The 360 Fitness coaches are the dedicated to enhancing each and every athletes performance. We provide speed and agility training for every sport, every age and every skill level. Our team of experts dedicate their time to analyzing, training, preparing and supporting each athlete while building a strong foundation to a long and successful athletic career. Every Sports Performance Session starts and ends in a similar fashion, beginning with an active dynamic based warm up, and ending with static stretching. We have 3 phases of our program: Evaluation & Functional Movement Screening, Performance Training & Core Strengthening, and finally, Explosive Power & Overall Strength. Our trainers don’t just stop at proper running and lifting technique. We also instill values of good sportsman ship and give our athletes confidence that they will use on and off the field.

What you can expect from our training:


Every athlete has imbalances in their body, as a result, each individual must undergo an evaluation process to properly assess those imbalances. Once the athlete has been through a series of tests, including but not limited to, a functional movement screening, flexibility screening and mobility screening our team of coaches can then begin to diagnose the athletes needs and see where they can best fit into our program.

Proper Running Mechanics:

Athletes will learn the correct way to move their bodies and eliminate unnecessary movements. We instruct them on how to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and achieve top end speed. All of these are important for any athlete, as it increases both athletic performance and decreases the chance of injury.

Proper Lifting Technique:

Proper weight lifting mechanics are an integral part of a young athletes development. Depending on the athletes age group, we will go over anything from body weight training, to complex Olympic lifts. Each of these will benefit relative body strength and help to create a more explosive athlete.

Practical Application:

We stress perfect practice in every level of our program. Correct repetition is key to the development of our athletes. Our coaching staff is trained to acknowledge and correct any unnecessary movements.

Video Analysis:

To ensure proper mechanics we have integrated video analysis to our training. Using ‘Coaches Eye’ technology our coaches can now slow down the motion and break down running technique to show each individual athlete what they need to work on.

Athlete Testing:

The Sports Performance Academy will also hold athlete testing days. Our speed and agility coaches will test 40 yard dash times, 10 and 20 yard running splits, vertical jump height, broad jump, and 5-10-5.

Training We Offer:

  • Group Classes (offered 6 days a week all year round)
  • Team Training
  • Speed and Agility Clinics
  • One on One Training
  • Small Group Training

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