Team Training

360 Fitness can help escalate your team’s performance by implementing group and individual activities that will enhance the level of play before, during, and after the season. By training together as a team, beyond the practice schedule, teammates have a chance to bond as a unit while learning how to function at optimum capacity.

Through Strength & Conditioning, the team will build up their bodies to perform by utilizing techniques that enhance strength, power and explosive movements. Team training also involves Speed & Agility which focuses on first step quickness, change of direction, stance and start, body awareness, arm action, knee drive, and linear speed. Through team training with 360 Fitness, a powerful combination and skill set could be acquired as a team and as an individual athlete.

One of the biggest mistakes made during the season is to drop off the training regimen. It is important to maintain the body by using lighter weight and conditioning so strength, power, and speed continue to function as efficient as it did during the beginning of the season.

Team Regeneration: In Season – Post Game Day

The Team Regeneration Program is to help remove soreness and lactic acid out of the muscles by foam rolling, light weight training, conditioning and stretching.

Teams We’ve Trained:

  • Mount St. Dominic’s Lacrosse
  • Avalanche Softball
  • Bloomfield Football
  • James Caldwell Soccer
  • James Caldwell Lacrosse
  • Colombia High School Softball
  • Livingston Softball
  • Glen Ridge High School

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