Special Needs Training

360 Fitness recongizes that every special needs child has a different set of goals. We customize training sessions to meet these goals, whether it be to increase strength, lose weight, improve coordination or train for the special Olympics. 360’s staff is well equipped to work with any special needs child. The rate of sedentary children with special needs is growing exponentially, 360 Fitness is here to fight that growing number. When they are here with us the sky is the limit.

How We Got Started

In December of 2013 New Beginnings in Fairfield, NJ teamed up with the 360 Fitness team to create a program that would teach their students about fitness. When we started this we had no idea how much of growing experience this would be for everyone on our staff at 360. New Beginnings is a school that primarily works with children with Autism from the ages of 3-21. In our sessions we work both strength training and speed/agility training to compliment the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy they receive during their normal school day.  As a parent of a special needs child you can rest assured that our 30,000 sq. ft. facility has the environment and set up to be completely safe effective and fun.

During the 1st year the students of New Beginnings had an incredibly positive reaction to our training sessions! What started out as just group training with the school led to one-on-one training sessions after school.

“Participation in 360 Fitness exercise programs has been a major asset to our school PE and Physical Therapy departments. Erica is particularly wonderful with our students. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work and working with special needs students. Erica has found a nice balance between pushing the students to do things that are challenging for them and appropriately modifying an activity when necessary in order for each child to be successful. Erica will jump right in and be hands on with the students to give them the assistance when needed as well as to motivate them. She is always very positive and encouraging and makes the time we spend working out with her fly by!”
-Jessica Gil M.P.T. and Barbara Nowling M.P.T.


Schools We Have Worked With

New Beginnings
 Wayne Hills High School
♦ Anthony Wayne Middle School
George Washington Middle School

For more information, contact John@nj360fitness.com or call 877-787-0360 ext 4.